holy shit all of the britney spears stuff featured on the celebs tag

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i heard a song in the car i really liked and now i can’t remember any of the lyrics

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“You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you.”

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On hold with my internet provider and of all music to play they have to play country.

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You have never seen someone run as fast as me up the stairs with a plate of food in the dark for fear of someone chasing me.

# every single night    # if i'm wearing pajamas with no pockets i'm fucked    # because if they do have pockets i'll take a flashlight with and x-files the shit out of the living room before getting my food    # when i'm going down and reach the bottom of the steps at night    # there's that part of my brain that's like    # heh josh what if someone was down here waiting for you    # and I'm like YOU FUCKER    # WHY