I miss watching Lost. Like I really really miss watching Lost. I want to wait until I get the complete series on Blu-Ray though ugh I don’t know when I’ll be able to do that. I miss Suliet. I miss Charlie and, and Hugo, and WALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLT and everything. I miss all of it.

Please magically arrive at my doorstep in a lovely box from Amazon free of charge.

# the only episode i ever got to see of that when it actually aired was the finale    # which is really neat i think    # i got into it like    # right around the time the third season ended    # and at the time abc.com had all of them up    # so i sort of marathoned through most of them    # and then as i got close to season 3 i sort os stopped    # because i couldn't cope with not having anymore lost to watch    # i just wanted new episodes to always be there    # and this sort of repeated until the last season    # in which i watched every episode sans the finale the day after it aired    # with no commercials and higher quality and yeah    # guys i miss this show