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# one of my favorite moments in s9 tbh    # The Office   


"I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days, before you’ve actually left them."

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# original pam will always be cute as heck    # The Office   

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# The Office    # Jim x Pam   

# The Office   

# quick moments like this in the show are what make me enjoy capping    # s8 is definitely a different kind of humor than say the first 4 seasons    # even the 5th to an extent in my opinion    # but looking back this season stll had some sprinkled moments here and there    # i really liked how they started off focusing on andy adjusting to being the manager    # but after the first four eps or so it got REALLY random and then out of nowhere that tal arc came in    # like i dunno i mean in some ways it seems like they started out cohesively but then quickly just started making it up as they went along    # maybe that's just me though i mean i think THINK i enjoy this season more than 6    # cause after jam got married everything started going very slapstick and pam got weird    # regardless though i think this season will always be the sore thumb of them all though    # cause 9 did such a great job quickly getting things back on track and quickly establishing a big arc with exciting subplots    # THEN DAT FINALE    # The Office    # Caps    # *The Office   

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