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# i lost so many photos back when i had to do a system restore    # i had a lot more ones from 2009 like this    # i've managed to save a bunch    # but i pretty much had my camera with me wherever i went so i've lost a lot    # btw timers are fun    # Me    # 2009   

Was not expecting my sister to say that at the end.

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My sister had her birthday at a bar and grill the other night. What you can’t see to the left was a bunch of people chatting about various things with the cling clang of beer bottles and beyond that the inside of the bar where some live band was playing. Off to the right and around where this photo was taken was our group.

Although I generally had a good time, I never really have someone to lean on at these kind of things so I spent the latter part of the evening blowing bubbles by myself.

# off to the right outside was an area to play volleyball    # and docks    # past the docks a river    # on the left side of the river was this little stationed barge junker    # and i really enjoyed all of that    # being close to water and the sound of it always makes me feel close to home spiritually    # Me   

Today I reached 500 followers which I realize isn’t a lot compared to some but it’s a lot to me so here’s a batch of various pictures of me throughout the years in celebration and putting a face to that url kind of jazz.

Thanks to everyone of you that’s hit the follow button on my blog for whatever reason you did. Super thanks to those who take the time to comment on my text posts and a mega special thanks to those of you that have played tennis with me back and forth in our inboxes throughout my time on here. Especially those of you I’ve really bonded with.

You know who you are.

This placed once in it’s own way helped me get through a difficult breakup. It’s taught me so much about women’s rights, and equality in general. It’s comforted me in that I’m not alone in being an introvert, socially shy and occasionally incredibly hateful of society. But more so helped reinforce that it’s okay to be these things and here’s how to laugh about them while all the same further reminding me just how great it is to be individualistic in a world that won’t stop talking, where to conform is still the norm.

A lot of people on here joke about leaving because of how much this website eats up our lives but personally I love it. I love knowing that I can walk out my door, go do things, and come back to the interests I love and want to talk about with the people I want to talk and share in them with. Right here, on Tumblr.

If you’re relatively new, I implore (HELLA VOCAB) you to give this place time. You’ll feel completely lost at first, unsure as to what the point of this all really is and what you want to define your blog as. But spend an evening sifting through blogs, check out the source links to posts. If you’re really enjoying someone’s blog, tell them! It’ll make their day. Express your feelings through text posts and tags, be friendly and reblog. This place is one big roundtable of interests and somewhere here is a seat especially for you to sit on. And next to you, someone or some people to share in your interests with. Oh and by the way never steal-save someones post(s) and re-upload them as your own. Be streets ahead of that. Streets ahead.

I digress, I know this is getting long that’s what she said, that this should be a read more but I don’t really type out too much on here other than what I put in my tags. Give me a break I’m a child of divorce!

My name’s Joshua. I’m 24 years old. I’d rather stay inside and surround myself with the things I love than go out and feel more alone in a group I don’t quite connect with. I’m totes single, comfortable dating myself but I don’t wanna become the first crazy cat dude you know what I mean like knock knock eharmony prime membership badumtiss. I have no idea what the hell I’m going to do with my life. I just know I want to be happy. Happiness is paramount. Eventually I’d like a gal to share in that with. Until then, I’m just going to be sitting here masturbating, eating pizza, watching television and sharing in all of that on here. Hi.

I know nobody is going to read this but seriously guys, thanks.

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