the day i found out i could not sit on clouds was literally one of the worst days of my life okay

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Sometimes when trying to type popped I almost type pooped.


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Reading a debate about whether or not Michael should return in The Office on it’s reddit page and I’m reminded that this is the final season.

# this show has been this great middle ground for my friends and I over the past few years    # and whenever I'm feeling depressed it's like my therapy    # i know season 8 was awful    # i haven't even seen any of 9 yet    # but this show is so special and sentimental to me    # through thick and thin baby    # through thick and thin    # The Office    # Personal   

A couple of hours ago Skakira was in the kitchen while I was in the living area and she calls me in to grab a box and that’s when I notice the centipede. I’m like SHAKIRA as I’m staring toward the centipede on the ground and when she notices it she sort of does this jump and sets the box down flailing her arms and proceeds to do a shuffle dance of the gods to ward of any of it’s friends like YAAAAAHOOO and I fall on the ground crying, like a hyena.

This moment made the entire night of packing much easier to get through.

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It feels good to be invested in a show again.

*breathes relief*

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People are in the hallway and a sex scene just came on in the film I’m watching so I turned it up a bit. People are no longer in the hallway.

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