This is also one of the images from the 2011 PDN Faces photo contest.  Subjects were given a personal direction based on their experiences.  With Keanu Reeves we didn’t talk much, but he is a creative person and he was receptive to the fact that I wanted to shoot something on film for the sake of art, so I briefly talked about my love for photography and asked him to think about something he loved.

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Do not try to bend the spoon — that's impossible.
Instead, only try to realize the truth: there is no spoon.

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“This guy reading the newspaper on the subway is Keanu Reeves.

He is from a problematic family. His father was arrested when he was 12 for drug dealing and his mother was a stripper. His family moved to Canada and there he had several step dads.

He watched his girlfriend die. They were about to get married, and she died in a car accident. And also before that she had lost her baby. Since then Keanu avoids serious relationships and having kids.

He’s one of the only Hollywood stars without a Mansion. He said: ‘I live in a flat, I have everything that I need at anytime, why choose an empty house?’

One of his best friends died by overdose, he was River Phoenix (Joaquin Phoenix’s brother). Almost in the same year Keanu’s father was arrested again. 

His younger sister had leukemia. Today she is cured, and he donated 70% of his gains from the movie Matrix to Hospitals that treat leukemia.

In one of his birthdays, he got to a little candy shop and bought him a cake, and started eating alone. If a fan walked by he would talk to them and offer some of the cake.

He doesn’t have bodyguards, and he doesn’t wear fancy clothes.

When they asked him about ‘Sad Keanu’, he replied: ‘You need to be happy to live, I don’t.’”

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