Star Wars and everyday life - a series of photographs by Toronto-based photographer Thomas Dagg [x]

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Title: Push (Feeling Good on a Wednesday)
Artist: Lorde (Randy Marsh)
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# last week's episode of sp was one of the best well written eps i feel like i've seen in years    # still not over how good this montage was    # South Park   

"i’m not trying to help you. i’m trying to rob you" - actual quote from gandalf

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Rinko Kikuchi photographed by Akinori Ito

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# Rinko Kikuchi    # i have worked the last four days but like they feel like more than four days    # i'm off tonight and you can bet that once things wind down here imma get my game on    # beat far cry 3    # now i'm back to trying to finish mass effect 3 and shadow of mordor    # i also recently picked up nba 2k15 and i wanna dig into that    # AND ON TOP OF THAT I ALMOST PICKED UP ALIEN ISOLATION AND I'M NOT EVEN AN ALIEN FAN BUT THAT GAME LOOKS SO GORGEOUS    # not gon do it though cause obvs i got way too much to go through already    # this has been an update    # *pushes chair away from desk*   


when u ask the bae if she’s down to Smash this weekend and she shows up without her 3DS

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