Title: Hunger
Artist: Rhye
Album: Woman
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Rhye | Hunger

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Eva Green & Lena Headey take a selfie at the premiere of 300: Rise of an Empire

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# KNOW WHAT    # if i had a threesome with them i would nut so hard i would have a heart attack at 25 and die    # everything would be grand and good for like 8 seconds    # then i be like OH NO BLASTO    # they be like woot and woat and im like IMA NUT    # and they like NO DONUT    # i start lookin like schwarzenegger in total recall when his eyes start poppin    # then just straight b my l into another dimension and hit game over    # Lena Headey    # Eva Green    # i really want them to beat me up   

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they said it was dangerous and stupid but look at me now.  3 years after eating nothing but plant seeds I get 95% of my energy from the sun plus my branch arms are useful in duels

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