The only lesson you need in lifeĀ 

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being alone with your friends parents


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"A big part of the story is lost when it becomes a movie."

a whole lot more is lost if you cut a giant ass hole through it

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# i should probably tag that i've really been neglecting tumblr lately    # when i haven't been working i've mostly been hanging with a few friends    # one of them has gotten me back into the halo series    # so i've been catching up on a lot of the lore    # anyway though it's been tricky to balance everything just because typically i rarely do stuff with people    # but i've really been trying to work on improving aspects of myself    # such as staying in touch better with friends    # i've also been gaming more so there's that too    # i dunno guys for a lot of people most of that stuff    # like    # the consistency of seeing friends and working and other stuff comes easy    # but for me it's not as    # like i'm the type that i can hang out with someone and have an AMAZING time but as soon as i get in the car for the drive home    # it really hits me how drained i feel    # it's introverted stuff    # but i definitely have a few extroverted qualities though fo sho    # i will say it feels healthy to be doing this stuff though    # like i see nothing wrong with just doing my hermit stuff    # but i mean like    # assessing some of my weaknesses and working to improve on them    # like in that regard    # anyway though I'M STILL HERE    # just    # kind of on semi hiatus    # The Office   


this is my favorite photo of all time

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Many Ladies wear it this way

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The Lord of The Rings: Visual Effects Design - Part Two

by Paul Lasaine and Jeremy Bennett

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